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As you drive by the church, you will notice a new digital sign at the corner of Colfax and Second Street. This sign was graciously funded by memorials from Tommy Beitel, Marian Bolen, Doris Case, and Russ & Sue DeShazo, in addition to a Byron Community Revitalization grant and a LEEAP grant.  A huge thank you to our Buildings and Grounds Committee for all the work they put into installling our new digital sign. Brad Townsend, Steve Bonte, Greg Beitel, and Greg Wills had to remove the old sign and brick structure through excavation and thankfully with the help of Steve’s end loader!  They were able to complete the cleanup and hanging of the sign with the help of Curt Freeberg, Bill Michaux, and Brenda Crabel, and Meredith and Brad Townsend did an outstanding job of landscaping the area around our new sign!  Thank you to everyone involved in this project from the early stages of obtaining estimates and grant writing, to the later stages of planning and installation!  Your time and hard work is truly appreciated!
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