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“Unclobber” with Pastor Jesse

Lucy Woodcock Room
6:30 PM
April 25th – JUne 6th (with a break on May 9th)
Join Pastor Jesse who will lead this class where we’ll take a close look at the history and theology and interpretation of those few passages in the Bible that have been used to clobber our LGBT brothers and sisters, and have been used to condemn them and not allow them full participation in the church as Christians. 
We’ll be using Colby Martin’s book called Un-Clobber: Re-thinking Our Mis-use of the Bible on Homosexuality as a guide through the scripture passages. Please feel free to purchase the text, but certain selections will be copied and given as handouts.  We’ll be exploring how and why these passages are used to abuse, and how we can re-read them in more loving, Christ-centered ways that are grounded firmly in principles of history and context and sound interpretation. 
The class is open to anyone, even those from other churches. Maybe you’re still on the fence about whether or not the Bible condemns homosexuality. Maybe you’re drawn to a more inclusive faith but are held back by what you think the Bible teaches. Maybe you’re already an affirming Christian, but struggle to articulate what you believe about these clobber passages. Whoever you are, you’re welcome to come and learn and participate in the class. Please join us for enriching discussion and exploration of this crucial spiritual issue!
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